Andrew Jessop

About Me

  • Currently living in London, UK and grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) Hons. from Queensland University of Technology

  • Masters of Business (Applied Finance) also from QUT.

  • Currently looking for work as a Software Engineer/Quantitative Developer in a Hedge Fund, Prop Trading Fund or Investment Bank in London.
  • Software Engineer Work History:
    • Currently working in the sports betting industry in a data scientist & performance optimisation related role
    • Windows Java/C++/C#/.NET Software Engineer for a Mining Technology company for 1.5 years
    • Linux/UNIX C++ Software Engineer writing a service framework and API for HTTP based services in the rail industry for 5 years.

Interested In

Finance - Stat Arb strategies, Index Funds, Options Pricing, Stochastic calculus, Regression models, GARCH, Automated High Frequency Algorithmic trading systems, applications for FPGAs in finance, QuantLib, ZeroMQ
Software - Interested in learning as much as I can about C++, R, C#, Python, Linux Kernel, boost, QuantLib, network stacks, USB & other communication protocols, Matlab
Hardware - Designing schematics & PCBs, etching my own PCBs where I have to, Audio applications, Digital electronics, FPGAs, ARM architecture
Sport -
        Road Cycling - I get edgy if I can't ride after a few days; Watching: Tour de France, Tour Down Under etc.
        Triathlon - I've done a few including Noosa and Mooloolaba
        Squash & Tennis - I just play socially with friends but love squash and enjoy tennis.


I'm going to make an effort to keep my Google Books library up to date.


For what ever reason, you should be able to contact me through LinkedIn.
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